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Smart Cutting Machine

Smart cutting machine


With advanced and mature rolling table, the table width can be customized, and theoretically, cutting length is unlimited. Vacuum air suction design is adopted, super strong wind, strong suction (no difficult for small pieces absorption). Automatic camera positioning,: automatic positioning and cutting for workpieces, without manual positioning.

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Product Details

Model:BHD-L260M172-O(conveying pad type)
Cutting area


Overall dimension


Standard optional configuration

Option A: 4 axis, Oscillating knife + pen;
Option B: 4 axis, Oscillating knife+(synchronous rotation)presser+pen)
Option C: 6 axis, Oscillating knife+V Cutter+independent presser+pen+half cutting head)
Option D: 7 axis, Oscillating knife +V cutter and independent presser +main spindle +pen +half cutting head), with this option, cutting width will be less 30cm.

Product features

1. Customized automatic camera positioning function: using advanced CCD camera positioning can automatically realize the positioning and cutting of printing materials.
2. The anti-collision device in line with international standards ensures the safety of operators.
3. Rolling platform: realize material wireless length cutting, improve efficiency.
4, a variety of optional tools: vibrating knife, indentation, half knife, V knife, foam knife, milling cutter, round knife, etc.
5. High power round head gun knife: upgrade 120W high power motor, strong and powerful (optional).
6. High speed vibration head: high quality cutting effect can be achieved under high cutting speed.
7. Full automatic partition adsorption and 8 adsorption areas are available. Can follow the adsorption, and can automatically correct the table, to ensure accurate cutting. (the number of adsorption zones is customized according to customer requirements).

Product application
Applicable industries Material Science Applicable industries Material Science
Advertisement printing Corrugated paper Decoration industry PP
Shoe industry Honeycomb panel Furniture industry PE
Clothing industry Paper jam Plastic Corrugated
Luggage industry Rubber PVC
Automobile industry Leatherwear Polyfoam
Electronic industry Washer Kt board
Cutting template

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