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Product Details

Processing stroke

X:1250mm Y:2500mm
High Efficiency and High Precision Machining

Cutting head

Precision Cutting Head for Lens Fast Installation
Double Focusing Lens System

Special Cooling System

Control temperature precision ±0.5℃, multi-alarms protection functions: delay protection for compressor.
Compressor over-current protection; Water flow alarm; over-temperature, ultra-low alarm.

Cutting range

<30mm: Acrylic, fabric, leather, paper.
<20mm: Low density board

Applicable industries

Acrylic products, logo signs, electronics, furniture, toys, flooring, advertising display, gifts, models, industrial panels

Cutting template
Cutting data for acrylic (only for reference)
material thickness Cutting head Focal distance Pressure(MPa) Cutting speed(mm/s) Gas nozzle(mm)
Acrylic 3mm 3.75" 100mm 5 30-50 6
5mm 3.75" 100mm 4 15-30 6
10mm 3.75" 100mm 3 5-10 6
15mm 5" 100mm 2 2-4 15

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