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Keep the ultrasonic plastic welding equipment clean, neat, well lubricated and safe operation. It includes fastening loose fasteners in time, adjusting the clearance of movable parts, etc. That is, "cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment, anti-corrosion" cross operation method. Practice has proved that the service life of the equipment largely depends on the daily maintenance of the ultrasonic welding machine.

  According to the workload and difficulty, maintenance can be divided into daily maintenance, first level maintenance, second level maintenance and third level maintenance.

  Daily maintenance: also known as routine maintenance, the main content is cleaning, lubrication, fastening easy to loose parts, check the integrity of parts. This kind of maintenance is mostly outside the equipment.

  First level maintenance: the main content is to tighten, clean, lubricate and fasten generally, and some parts need to be adjusted. Routine maintenance and first level maintenance can be completed by front-line operators.

  Secondary maintenance: the main contents are internal cleaning, lubrication, local disassembly, inspection and adjustment.

  Three level maintenance: mainly to check and adjust the main part of the equipment, and to replace the parts that reach the specified wear limit when necessary. In addition, the wear of main parts should be measured, identified and recorded. The second level maintenance and the third level maintenance need to be completed by the operators under the training of professionals.

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