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Function description of ultrasonic lace machine:

  1. The working principle is that high frequency oscillation is used to generate heat from ultrasonic wave, and then it is pressed by mold. The pattern line extruded by ultrasonic wave is smooth without burr.

  2. Using special alloy steel to make flower wheel mould, the welding head is wear-resistant and has a long service life. The pattern is easy to disassemble and assemble, and the eccentric core type adjustment is flexible and easy to operate.

Compared with the traditional needle type suture, the ultrasonic lace machine has the following advantages:

  1. The use of ultrasonic welding, without the use of needle and thread, saves the trouble of frequent change of needle and thread, there is no broken thread joint situation of traditional suture, and can also clean local cutting and sealing of textiles. At the same time, it also plays the role of decoration. It has strong adhesive force, can achieve waterproof effect, clear embossing, more three-dimensional relief effect on the surface, fast working speed, good product effect, high-grade and beautiful appearance, and guaranteed quality.

  2. Using ultrasonic and special steel wheel processing, the sealing edge does not crack, does not damage the cloth edge, and there is no burr, curling phenomenon.

  3. It can be operated continuously without preheating.

  4. It is easy to operate. It is not different from the traditional sewing machine. Ordinary sewing workers can operate it.

  5. Low cost and high efficiency.

  The ultrasonic wave is produced by ultrasonic generator, and longitudinal vibration is generated by energy exchange device. The amplitude of vibration is amplified by means of amplitude transformer; and the horn and flower wheel are respectively driven by motor. When the fancy wheel is pressed down and contacts with the working face of the horn, the fabric between the roller and the horn can be cut and melted under the mechanical effect (up and down vibration) and thermal effect of ultrasonic wave. The roller drives the fabric to slide away from the worktable to achieve the function of continuous cutting and printing.

Installation and commissioning

  1. According to the needs of users, different types of flower wheels can be installed to cut the required patterns. When installing the flower wheel, the flower wheel frame must be in the raised position, rotate the flower wheel to make the pin on the chain insert into the pin hole of the flower wheel; put down the flower wheel frame to make the flower wheel contact with the luffing rod, then install the auxiliary frame of the flower wheel, tighten the fixing screws, check whether it is properly installed, and then operate. The reverse procedure mentioned above should be followed when disassembling the flower wheel.

  2. How to adjust the pressure of flower wheel

  The adjustment of the pressure of fancy wheel depends on the material and thickness of the fabric. Generally, fabrics with thick texture and low chemical fiber content require greater pressure.

  3. Installation method of fabric

  (1) Put the paper tape and film into the guide groove respectively, and pass through the flower wheel and pressure wheel.
  (2) Put down the pressure wheel and flower wheel respectively, and press the paper tape and film.

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