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The intelligent numerical control cutting machine is the automatic cutting equipment used in textile clothing and flexible material industry. The general clothing processing enterprise's clothing cutting process flow is: the cutting part starts to arrange the production according to the clothing production order. The first step is to calculate the cutting scheme of the layout. The second step is to make manual or intelligent layout according to the situation of each bed according to the cutting scheme, and then carry out the cloth laying operation according to the cutting plan and the layout of each bed. After the cloth is laid, the cutting personnel use the technology or computer automatic cutting machine to cut.

Nowadays, the rise of garment CAD super layout system makes garment enterprises pay more attention to the fabric utilization rate of single layer typesetting. Although it also plays a role in saving fabric, garment processing enterprises ignore the two most important links of cutting scheme and cloth laying operation; the scientific and reasonable layout and cutting scheme directly determines the overall utilization rate of fabrics.

The application of intelligent numerical control cutting machine fundamentally solves the technical bottleneck of fabric recessive loss and low cutting power that can not be calculated in the cutting process of enterprises. The first step is to calculate the layout and cutting machine scheme. According to the cutting length, product process requirements and order quantity and other comprehensive factors, the intelligent numerical control cutting machine calculates the reasonable cutting scheme in a few minutes In the second step, combined with the application of intelligent typesetting, the cloth laying operation is carried out according to the cutting bed scheme. Through the function of cloth laying classification by software, the quantity of odd cloth is effectively reduced and the limit utilization rate of each fabric is improved.

The intelligent CNC cutting machine explains that reasonable calculation of cutting machine is the basis of material saving in garment factory. The function of intelligent cutting machine and cloth spreading classification make the factory realize reasonable plan from the fabric purchasing stage of order. Besides saving material, it can also reduce the cost waste of fabric purchase and greatly reduce the fabric inventory of garment factory. A large number of fabric inventory will seriously affect the practical profits of garment processing enterprises.

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