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Focus on R & D and production of material cutting and bonding machines

Foshan Benefits 100 Machinery Co., Ltd.

Foshan Benefits 100 Machinery Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the production and research and development of material cutting and fusion equipment for many years. Mainly engaged in ultrasonic equipment, intelligent cutting, precision laser, intelligent punching, ......

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Provide complete solutions for material cutting and bonding equipment

Why choose us

  • 01

    15 years of industry experience

    Yibai has been focusing on the cutting machinery industry for 11 years, integrating R&D, manufacturing, installation and after-sales, direct supply from the manufacturer, and more worry-free service

    With its beautiful shape, reliable quality, excellent price, and perfect pre-sale, in-sale and after-sales service, the products have won the welcome of customers.

  • 02

    Large-scale and efficient production

    Yibai Machinery has a large modern production workshop, strong productivity, strict production, quality inspection, and assembly workshops, and its production strength wins and leads its peers.

    Products have undergone strict acceptance and inspection processes, and strict requirements for each process, to ensure that we provide you with high-quality machinery and equipment.

  • 03

    Independent R & D technology

    Professional production and R&D department dedicated to the production and R&D of material cutting and fusion equipment, with more than 20 independent research and development patented technologies

    Has a group of professional technical personnel, more than ten years of rich production experience, and a profound production technology team

  • 04

    Advanced production equipment

    Use high-efficiency production equipment and a series of complete quality inspection equipment. Use high-quality equipment to ensure high-quality products

    Ensure that every batch of equipment required by customers can be completed in accordance with quality, time and quantity

  • 05

    Sound product qualification

    Strictly follow the production control of the iso9001 quality management system, and track the whole process from design, production to after-sales to ensure that the quality of machinery meets national standards

    More than a dozen assembly processes are checked for safety, and the assembly accuracy is strictly controlled. Each device has passed quality inspection and debugging before leaving the factory.

  • 06

    After-sales service in place

    Provide all-round technical support, video drawing instructions, and technical personnel to guide field operations

    The after-sales personnel quickly make a satisfactory response after the customer’s feedback, and professional technicians come to maintain

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Integrate industry resources and provide complete solutions

Focus on R&D and production in material cutting and bonding equipment for 11 years.

Including ultrasonic machine, smart cutting machine, laser cutting machine, etc.

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